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As happy as I am that there is no actualy final for this class, I am equally disappointed that I am awake right now. I was hoping to sleep another 3 hours or so and then begin my day. But here I am, awake, and ready to go buy orange juice. Awesome. Having said that, over the course of this semester I have really enjoyed this class. It has taught me a great deal and hopefully it will be a nice foundation for the rest of the history classes I take. The whole process of writing our research paper was a good experience. I have never written a paper quite like that and I learned that I need to be more thorough and plan my time out a little better. I also enjoyed how the paper came together over the course of the semester and it was cool to be a part of that. Presenting my infomormation in front of the class taught me a lot as well. Seeing myself on video was priceless and I wish I could of been videotaped a few years back. I tend to sway back and forth while I speak and this can be very distracting. My mom says that I have always had this problem and it comes from the excessive amount of energy that I have at all times. If I concentrate though I can correct this problem. Another important thing I got out of this class was getting to know my girl Turabien. I felt like that book was always by my side and in taking to more advanced history majors, Turabien is going to be very important as I go through this major. This class taught me a ton, but at the same time I am glad it’s over and we can all sit down and drink orange juice together. See you all in 20 minutes.

Winston Wolf

Done with my paper, done with my presentation. I feel amazing. It’s nice to have it all done with and to be able to sit back and listen to other people’s presentations for the rest of the week. Having said that, good luck to everyone this week and see you tomorrow.

Cupids shuffle

It feels good to have turned in a draft for our final paper. In a way I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. But that does not mean that I still have a long way to go with my paper and I am going to have to put a lot of time in this week. It’s just nice to know that the end is not very far away. Also presentations start tomorrow and I look forward to whoever may be presenting. I go first on friday so I’m happy to have a few extra days to prepare. I hope the everyone had a nice thanksgiving and see you all in class.


In response to the request to post our favorite sites for finding historical videos and images, I have no idea what I would put. It just depends what specifically you are researching and what exactly you are looking for.

On saturday night I went to the speaker, or I should say dramatic storytelling. At first I was a little skeptical of going on a saturday night, but I went anyway. The way they presented it was very interesting. Using different people to play the parts in the story was certainly not what I expected initially. Also the slave songs really threw me off as well. It was a nice touch but I did not expect it at all. I also thought it was cool that the events surrounding John Washington’s life took place in fredericksburg. At one point they explained how something took place at Old Mill park and I thought that was pretty crazy because I have played soccer there many times. You do not think about what was there before you were, so it was interesting that myself and John Washington have walked the same ground. I also want to add that at the end of the first part of this presentation everyone was supposed to sing together. I just want to say that I did not sing and looking back on the situation, I probably should have.

The Round Mound of Rebound

Eyewitness accounts are the probably the most relied on source of information. If someone tells you something and you ask how they know and they respond with, “I saw it with my own eyes,” you tend to leave them alone and accept it. Seeing is beleiving, and if someone says they have visual proof that something took place, who are you to question them. What people don’t factor in is how quickly things happen and how stressed someone may be when they witness something. If you witness a tragic event or something that creates stress then it affects how you perceive the event. Last year in my friends psychology class, he had me run in during the middle of the class and start yelling at a random student. This was part of a presentation he was doing and it was cleared with the teacher ahead of time. After I ran in and confronted some random kid, the class was asked to describe what I said and what I was wearing. Oddly enough there were many different answers given and most of them were incorrect. This little experiment was a good indicator of how people do not pay attention to detail when something unexpected happens.


Finally we are only a few days away from turning in our drafts for our research papers. So it’s a pretty exciting week. But we also have a blog posting due wednesday and I was hoping that someone could explain to me what exactly it was. I know it says something about an eyewitness account and a reading. but if someone could tell me what it was specifically that would be phenomenal.

Plug and Socket

How I got here. . .

october 16, 1986- I was born.

May 29th 1988- my brother Mike was born

June 1990- We moved to a new neighborhood

September 1990- I started playing soccer as well as basketball and baseball.

April 29, 1991- My sister was born

September 1991- I started kindergarden.

March 1993- I quit the other sports and stuck with soccer.

September 1998- Went to middle school

August 1998- We got our doggy.

September 2001- Went to high school.

August 2005- Started college at Mary Washington.

February 2007- I decided I wanted to be a history major and specialize in education.

August 2007- Started taking history 299 with Professor McClurken.

I’ve never done this before and I don’t really know what to put down for my chronology. I know what’s important in my life but if I narrow down much more then my chronology will became too detailed. It’s hard to pick a few important moments in 21 years of life except for the obvious ones, such as being born. But I chose when I started the different schools I have attented because that was a step towards where I am today at Mary Wash. I also felt obligated to mention when my brother and sister were born along with when we got our dog because he is a part of the family too. I also had to mention soccer related things because without soccer I would not be at Mary Washington and it has also shaped my life in many different ways. The role of chronology in a historical narrative shapes the narrative and lists the reasons why people and events have ended up as they have. It gives a basic idea and chronology serves as a guide through a particular topic.

Star Wars

Even though we have not been given something specific to write about, we have to write every week. So starting now I will be doing that. Research papers are right around the corner and I have been taking more and more notes from my sources and starting to figure out how I am going to organize my paper. I have my historiography presentation on monday and I am looking forward to it. Everyone else should be looking forward to it as well. Also, it is extremely rainy outside and I would recommend that the entire class stay indoors and not risk anything. We attempted to have soccer practice and the field was deemed unplayable. So be safe and see you on monday.

The Goodlife

My first story was true and the second story was false. I really did sit right behind the wizards bench and I really did have a semi-conversation with Gilbert Arenas. But when it came time for him to give his jersey away I was a few feet out of reach. I just want to say though that I was really tempted to write a false story and say that I died or include aliens or something like that, but I refrained.

8 glasses of water

This past summer one of my buddies and I took a trip to Europe. We went to Amsterdam, Paris, and lloret de mar which is a beach in spain. It was my second trip to Europe, but the first trip revolved around soccer and did not give us much leisure time. Amsterdam is a very lively city with many different cultures. We experienced much of the city, including the well known red light district. And by experienced I mean we just walked through it, and nothing more. Lloret de mar is a beach located just outside Barcelona. We spent a week there, and it was comparable to “beach week” which is a celebration of sorts after you graduate high school. We would wake up around 2 everyday, go to the beach for a few hours, eat our one meal for the day, and then go to bars and discotecas till about six in the morning. After a few days of this, you tend to burn out a little. But as the saying goes, when in lloret de mar. Paris was my favorite city of all during the trip. It was beautiful and it seemed like we were always on our way to see something historic. We saw everything from the llovue to Notre Dame cathedral. The eiffel tower was my favorite though. It is quite a site to see and the view looking down on the city of Paris is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in Europe this summer and I am looking forward to returning sometime soon.

Last year I went with one of my friends up to Philly to watch a Sixers, Wizards game. This was not like any experience I had ever had before. My friend has season tickets right behind the visiting teams bench, and on this occasion that visiting team was the wizards. I would be sitting directly behind Gilbert Arenas, also know as Agent Zero. Obviously I did not know what to expect, but I went to the game wearing my Gilbert Arenas jersey and full of anticipation. When we got to the stadium and made our way to our seats it was awesome. We just kept walking futher and further down. Normally when I get to a stadium I find the first set of stairs and take that to the nosebleed section. When we arrived at our seats we really were directly behind the wizards bench. Gilbert, Caron Butler, Andray Blatche, and Antwan Jamison were all a short distance away from me. It was surreal. The best part about it was that the players had to walk past my seat to get to the locker room. I used this to my advantage and had each one of them pound me out as they walked by ( that means that we hit knuckles).  The game started poorly for the wiz but Gilbert made buzzer beaters at the end of the first and second quarter and they rode that momentum to a big victory. The whole game I dapped up (high fived) wizard after wizard and I even got to talk to Gilbert Arenas. I yelled hibachi at him, which is his catch phrase, and he told me “he was cooking now.” So you could say I had a conversation with Gilbert Arenas. After the game Gilbert always throws his jersey into the crowd. Being fully aware of this, I positioned myself strategically infront of a group of wizrds fans. Sure enough on his way to the locked room Gilbert took of his jersey and threw it my way. I probaby ripped it out of the hands of 10 other people but there was no way I wasn’t getting that jersey. I still have it hanging in my room and the next time I’ll wear it will be during november when the wiz travel to philadelphia.